Church Services

We designed this extremely user-friendly church management platform to offer seamless engagement among all church members. Data is highly secured and is only made accessible to authorized Church servants.

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    Very User Friendly

    This system was designed to be used by all church members rather than administrators. Significant time was spent to ensure members of all ages could easily navigate every feature. The system also works as an app on both Android and iOS devices.

    Product Features

    Our product takes your Church to the next level



    Access people information and their household members. Contact them by Text or Email. View their activities, their groups, attendance history, demographics and more...


    Event Management

    Organize church-wide or group-specific events. Setup registration policies, event capacity, restrictions and recurrence. Reserve seats.. and more.



    Check-in by phone number, name lookup, QR code or Roster to fit different needs for both large and small groups.


    Private Notes

    Add private notes to any of the congregants profile. Private notes are secured and can only be accessed by authorized individuals of the church.


    Group Management

    Create public, private and virtual groups. Communicate with group and setup group specific events. Easily promote all Sunday School classes with a single click.


    Donation Integration

    Integrate your donation platform with Church Services. Analyze total donations by segments. Let members pull their history of donations.



    With all church members' emails and phones verified, rest assured you will reach to 100% of your members.



    Build any kind of forms, whether it be for service request, prayer request, surveys,... then you can share with church members or public to fill out.


    Interactive Reporting

    Pull reports and charts for people demographics, groups, events and activities. Within the report you can communicate by phone, text, email or even get directions.


    Multi Lingual

    Supports multi languages and allows users select their preferred language. Also supports any time zone around the globe.


    Follow up & Tasks

    Assign visit, call or text tasks. Follow up on congregants attendance and visits. Complete task and leave notes to assigner.


    Multi Campus (Diocese)

    Supports multi-campus churches. Pull reports on a Church or a Diocese level. Supports common templates for group filters and services.

    How to get started?


    Attend a Live Demo

    At this stage we get to meet you virtually, walk you through Church Services main features, learn more about your Church and needs.


    Choose your Pilot Team

    Next, we ask you to select one contact person from your Church to assign him administration privileges. Also we ask you to select your pilot team.


    Setup Environment

    Next, you choose your subdomain (church abbreviation) and send us your logo. We get your environment ready in 24 hours.


    14 Days Trial Period

    Start your trial period. We are always on your side to help. Upon your acceptance, we get you onboarded!


    Available Subscriptions

    < 250 Members

    $49Monthly Subscription
    • All Modules Included
    • Support 24x7
    • Free 250 txt/mo

    < 500 Members

    $64Monthly Subscription
    • All Modules Included
    • Support 24x7
    • Free 500 txt/mo

    < 1000 Members

    $79Monthly Subscription
    • All Modules Included
    • Support 24x7
    • Free 1,000 Txt/mo

    < 2500 Members

    $109Monthly Subscription
    • All Modules Included
    • Support 24x7
    • Free 2,500 txt/mo

    < 5000 Members

    $169Monthly Subscription
    • All Modules Included
    • Support 24x7
    • Free 5,000 txt/mo

    < 10K Members

    $249Monthly Subscription
    • All Modules Included
    • Support 24x7
    • Free 5,000 Txt/mo

    You may subscribe for additional texts, in the increments of 1000 texts/month for $19.99/month.
    For 10k members or more, please contact us.


    What Others Say About Us


    Church Services lifted our ministry off the ground after everything was shut down during the pandemic. It streamlined the registration process, church communication, and is the perfect tool to keep your church family connected. It has become an essential part of how we serve our community! Highly recommend!

    Fr. Paul Girgis
    St Mark DC

    Church Services has been instrumental in serving our youth. The system is feature-rich but super simple. It has really made a difference in reaching out to our High School Youth. We are no longer trying to figure out a youth’s phone number or what parent belongs to what student. Such a difference!

    Monica Hanna
    St. Abanoub & St. Anthony, CA

    Church Services has been a life saver!  Prior to using it, the task of registering people for church was tedious and quite labor intensive.  But with their easy-to-use system, all that has changed.  It is now entirely automated and much more user friendly.  I also appreciate their customer service.  Highly highly recommend!

    Fr. Anthony Messeh
    STSA Church

    Joining and using Church Services has been flawless! Their support, responsiveness, and promptness are unmatched to any platform or software we have used in the past. They made the process of signing up, service registration, and check-in almost effortless. What a great peace of mind!

    Fr. Marcos Ghaly, Ph.D., LPC
    SPSG Church OH

    What a great system! Simple to use and includes everything a church needs! As an IT professional, I am impressed with the technical setup of this system. The immediate responses to questions and willingness to listen to us on implementing new features or expanding the existing ones has been a joy!

    Jean-Paul Markos
    St. Philopateer Mercurius - VA

    Everything implemented in this platform is just awesome. Easy to use, absolute and incredible design, and very user friendly. I couldn’t find in the market any solution to handle COVID registration policies, and ensures equal opportunity for members to attend liturgies. Church Services has it all. Highly recommend!

    Freddy Fahim
    St. Mary DC
    4.9/5 from (49 Reviews)
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