How to manage private notes? add, delete, view and search?

  • To learn how to navigate Church Services click here.
  • To add, view, delete a private note on a member’s profile, you can always do that by going to Features page, click on directory, then membership. Please click here to learn more how to get to a specific person’s user-tools and click on Add or Display Note buttons.
  • If you would like to pull all members who have got private notes recorded on their profile, go to Features page, click on Membership, then click on Notes. From here you can set your filters in addition to the notes filter to pull to desired list of members.

How to set privacy to my notes?

  • By default, your notes are never accessible by any of the church members including the individual whom this note is about.
  • If a person has a Notes Full Access permission, that person would be able to access all notes of the system (except notes written by a person who has the Privacy Note permission).
  • If a person has a Notes Limited Access permission, he will only be able to access the notes written by himself.
  • A leader of a group, super group or department, will be able to write notes on members belonging to that group, super group or department – and that leader will be able to see all notes written by leaders of the same group, super group or department.
  • For exclusive access to notes, where no one will ever be able to access any of your written private notes, make sure to grant yourself Note Privacy permission.
  • For a complete list of permission, and explanation of roles and privileges church-wide as well as on a group, super group and department level, please review this page.

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