How to Navigate Church Services?

  • When opening Church Services, the first page you will land on is the Features Page. The only exception for that is Usher user, he would land on the Checkin Page.
  • Clicking on the Logo, will take you directly to the church website. Alternatively, you can click on Church Website in the top menu to go to church website.
  • Clicking on the footer will take you directly to Church Services website.
  • Clicking on top right corner, where your name is, will log you out of the system.
  • At any time if you would like to go back to the landing page you can click on Features in the top menu.
  • Also notice that most of the pages have two icons on the left and right of the page header. One of the icons is a home icon which takes you straight to the feature page, and the other is a back icon which takes you to the previous page.
  • Also notice that when you open the app from a mobile device, or from a small screen, rather than having a top menu, you will be displayed with a hamburger menu which expands vertically. Same feature applies for both wide (top menu) and narrow (hamburger menu) screens.
  • For the easiness of usage, it’s always recommended to install your app on your mobile device as a PWA (acts as a native app). For more information on how to install it as a mobile app, if you have an iPhone follow here. If you have an Android device, follow here.

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