How to pull attendance report?

  • To learn how to navigate Church Services click here.
  • You can access attendance report from several locations.
    • Go to Features page, click on Services, then click on Attendance.
    • Go to Features page, click on Reports, then click on Attendance.
    • Go to Features page, click on Tasks, then click on Manage Tasks.
  • The latter one will allow you to combine outreach filter with attendance filter and start assigning outreach activities. For instance, you can pull all people who haven’t attended liturgy for the last year and no one called or visited them. To learn more about how to manage outreach tasks click here.
  • Upon clicking on attendance the following screen will be displayed.
  • Attendance report will help you answer questions like: Who hasn’t attended Liturgy during the last 2 years for more than 3 times?
    • Status is Attended/Not Attended
    • Service is the Category of services you are concerned about for this report
    • Period will help you define the duration
    • Frequency will help you define how many times
    • Please make sure to fill in all those fields to get accurate results
  • You can also combine some more features, when asking the above question – like apply this question for certain zip codes, or certain age or gender…etc. To do that, click on more to provide more filter information.
  • When done setting up your filters, click on Search button to get the results.
  • From there you can user user-tools to get more information, communicate and visit any of the members. To learn more about user-tools click here.
  • You can also mass communicate with some or all of the result members. To learn more click here.

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