How to pull a report for a specific event? Show Registrants? Attendees? and No-Shows?

  • To learn how to navigate Church Services click here.
  • Go to Features page, and click on Services, then click on Events.
  • Choose the date of the event you would like to pull a report for, then click on the details button which corresponds to that event.
  • Upon clicking on details, a report will be displayed showing you the event’s registrants, attendees, and now shows.
  • The report will show you the number of registered families, number of people who registered, number of people who attended, and number who registered but didn’t show.
  • You can click on the download button to download this report.
  • The report shows you a list of registered account holders. Clicking on the account holder will expand to show details for all household members. When a member has registered but didn’t show his name will be highlighted in dark grey, whereas a member who attended, his name will be highlighted in green.
  • You can easily text or email people directly from within this report to check on them.
  • Also scrolling down to the bottom of the report, there is a communication section where you can easily email or text all registrants, attendees or no-shows with a personalized message. Based on the name tags you include, the system will be able to tell who is your target recipient of this communication. If your merge tag is Absentees for instance, the system will send to absentees, and the absentees tag will be replaced with the list of absentees’ names in this household. For more information about how to communicate with members, please click here.

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