How to review my current subscription and upgrade?

  • To learn how to navigate Church Services click here.
  • Goto Features Page, then click on System Settings.
  • Click on Subscription, the following screen will appear.
  • If the screen is in green, this means that your consumption is good compared to your limits.
  • If the screen is in yellow, this means that you are approaching your subscription limits and should consider upgrading as soon as possible.
  • If the screen is in red, this means that you hit your subscription limit. Please contact Church Services for an immediate upgrade, or try lowering your usage by limiting your text communication, and by running Guest Maintenance.

What is Guest Maintenance and how to perform it?

As church subscription is counted by number of members, you do not want to clutter your database and subscription with one-time guests, who still count as members in the database. Running guest maintenance, means removing guests from your database to reduce your membership subscription usage.

Here are the steps to run guest maintenance:

  • Click on Guest Maintenance
  • You will be displayed with the following guest maintenance screen
  • Start setting your filters as appropriate to look up for guests that you would like to delete from your system. Status, Service and Period may help you pull guests who haven’t been attending often. You can also click on more to define more detailed filters.
  • When done setting your filters, hit Search, and you will be displayed with the results.
  • Select the names you would like to delete, either selectively by clicking on the check button to the left of each name, or collectively by hitting Select All or Select Page.
  • Click Delete Guests to delete the selected guests from the system.
  • Now you can review your current subscription after the change and either accept or decide to upgrade as necessary.

How to Upgrade Subscription?

  • Contact Church Services (BGT) and request the upgrade.
  • There are two types of upgrades:
    • Membership Subscription upgrade will upgrade the number of allowed members in your church. Please click here to learn more about available subscriptions and prices.
    • Texting upgrade would allow you to add a multiple of 1000 text/month. Price for 1000 text/month is $19.99 (if you go with an upgrade of 2000 text/month, then your subscription cost will increase by 2 x 19.99 = $39.98).
      Please note that text usage is affected by the number of letters in each text sent. So if your congregation is 1000 member, and you send to 200 of them, and message size is 190 letter (equivalent to 2 texts), then your usage will be 200 x 2 = 400 texts.

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