How to setup a service? add new service? edit service? delete service?

  • To learn how to navigate Church Services click here.
  • In order to setup a service, go to Feature page, click on Services then click on Service Setup.
  • You will be displayed with the list of current services if any. To edit a service, click the blue edit button underneath the service. To Delete a service, click on the trash and confirm.
  • To duplicate an existing service click on the black duplicate button underneath the service you would like to duplicate.
  • To create a new service, scroll all the way down, and click on the green button Add New Service.
  • Go ahead and start filling in all details related to this new service.
  • Setup the name, description, as well as tag (which helps you as an admin to filter and search).
  • Setup service category. Learn how to create new categories here.
  • Setup service location. Learn how to create new locations here.
  • Setup registration policy. Learn how to create new registration policy here.
  • If you desire this service to be exclusively accessible to a specific individual (like the Church Priest), you will need to ask Church Services for them to restrict access to only that individual. Btw admin cannot see or access this field for exclusive privacy purposes.
  • Setup your schedule, start and end dates, recurrence, start and end time..etc.
  • Fill out registration capacity as follows:
    • Capacity, can be setup by member or by pew. Participants won’t be able to checkin when the service reaches its capacity. Always set it high if capacity is not of a concern.
    • Limit per household, restricts the maximum number of household members who can register for this event. Some time this is helpful during Pandemic time when you would like to limit each household to maximum one pew.
    • Number of active events, helps when this service is recurrent, and will dictate how many events should show at a time on the calendar. For example, if you setup the Liturgy service’s to 4, and the Liturgy occurs every Sunday, only 4 Sundays will show on the calendar. As and when a Sunday elapses, a new event for the Liturgy will get automatically generated and show on the Calendar.
    • Blocked Spots, are reserved seats which can be assigned manually by the admin (or event organizer) at any time. This is helpful when the service is only available by registration, and there is a high demand, sometimes the Priest would appreciate having some available seats for manual assignment for unforeseen circumstances. Click here to learn how to manually assign people to those reserved seats.
    • RSVP is helpful when you would like to define a deadline for RSVP. You can set it up by minutes, hours or days before event start time.
    • Setup Minimum Age, Maximum Age and Allowed Gender, if this service is restricted to a certain age range or gender.
    • Terms title, link, and text are helpful in creating a disclaimer, agreement terms or event payment links. Also an additional disclaimer is available for your to use if needed, for your convenience.
    • For members only, restrict registration and attendance to members of the church. Guests won’t be able to register.
    • Allow walk-in, makes registration not required for the service.
    • Prayer Request, will allow you show a prayer icon for members at registration time, where they can conveniently write a special prayer or memorial to be mentioned during the service.
    • Email and Text Reminders, will allow you send the registrants reminders about the service.
    • When done, click Update Service which will save this service, and automatically generate its corresponding events.

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