How to view your current groups, join a new group, or leave an existing group?

  • To learn how to navigate Church Services click here.
  • Open CS Application and click on Groups on the app features page. This is the default page, and you can always get to it by clicking on Features in the App menu.
  • A screen will display showing two sections:
    • My Groups section: which displays all groups you or any of your household members are members of.
    • Join a New Group Section: which displays all public groups you and your household members are not member of, but you or your household members are eligible to join.
  • To view your existing groups, check the groups underneath the label My Groups.
  • Click on one of My Groups to expand it and see whom of your household members is a member of it. Click on Leave to leave the group. If Leave is dimmed, that means that Church Admin has setup this group to not allow members leaving it.
  • If you would like to join a group, check the “Join a New Group” section and see what groups are available for you and your household members to join. Remember that not all groups are available for everyone to join. Some are age specific, others are gender specific or may belong to a specific segment of people.
  • Expand the desired group and click the button “Join” in front of your household member whom you desire them to join. Confirm that you would like them to join, and answer any question related to the join request if you are asked to.
  • With that, you have been able to view your groups, join and leave if you are allowed to.
  • Note: it possible that the Church Admin, or leader of the group would send you an invitation to join a certain group. If this happens, you will be prompt with this invitation as soon as you open the App. From there you will have the option to accept or decline the invitation.

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